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About ibjhb

What is ibjhb?

Back in the early-nineties, I signed up for AOL dial-up service and wanted a "screen name" for instant messaging that didn't include numbers at the end. Having an extremely common name (James Brown) made it very difficult to come up with a name that included my name. I also wanted something short, without very many characters. ibjhb was the result and since I hate coming up with new names, it has always stuck.

How do you pronounce 'ibjhb'?

You don't. Just say each letter.

Are you really named 'James Brown'?


Did you know you share a name with a famous singer?


How long have you worked with computers?

I started using them in elementary school but really started learning in the early-nineties. I started earning money "working" with computers in the late-nineties for fixing personal computers and building websites.

How long have you worked with ColdFusion?

Since Allaire Version 4.0 (I still have the CD-ROM), which was around 1998.

Do you know other computer languages?

From my LinkedIn Page: Adobe ColdFusion, Enterprise Applications, ColdBox, FuseBox, JavaScript, jQuery & jQuery UI, CSS, mySQL, MS SQL Server 6.5/7/2K/2K5/2K8, HTML & HTML5, JSON/XML, Railo, Business Development, Public Speaking, Team Leading & Management, PHP (some), DOM, Ajax, High-availability, Scalability, Clustering, Information Architecture, Cloud Services, Data modeling, Apache, IIS, Eclipse, Windows/Linux, Adobe Creative Suite CS3-CS5, SVN

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